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Loyalty and Membership Management System

Loyalty plans are an approach to marketing, based on strategic management, in which a company focuses on growing and retaining existing customers through incentives.

RUT Consult provides everything you need to get your loyalty program started. Our solutions offer the necessary expertise to help you plan and execute a comprehensive, card-based loyalty strategy. Loyalty programs, reward, or club programs improve customer retention and encourage spending. Customer acquisition is improved by distinguishing you and your services from the competition.

Equally important, a company creates promotion campaigns to improve the sales, launch a new product, strengthen the image of products change how people see your brand and create new opportunities for add on sales.

eCommerce Platform

RUT offer the comprehensive range of custom ecommerce development services, including unique storefront design, shopping cart software installation and integration, timely upgrades, extra add-ons integration, website performance and load speed improvements, analytics, statistics, and marketing tools integration and even a dedicated ecommerce developer who can work remotely under your ecommerce project only.


From small online stores to large multi-vendor websites, all our ecommerce projects are designed and developed with great attention to details to ensure our customers ultimate satisfaction. While using an individual approach to every single ecommerce projects, our developers and designers take into consideration all specific needs and requirements of your retail business, targeted market niche and customer audience, market trends as well as your current and prospective business goals.

Geographic Information System

Geographic Information System (GIS) allows enterprises to visualize, analyze, question, and interpret data to identify relationships, trends, and patterns. It combines business data with geographic analysis to offer a wealth of information.

RUT helps you in implementing enterprise GIS solutions to maintain up-to-date data, geo-spatial analysis, and accurate modeling right from establishing requirement, specifying, and designing the application, implementation to operating and maintaining in GIS application development life cycle.

Our broad range of services includes Map Customization, Custom Tool Development, Integration Application Migration, Web GIS, and Mobile GIS apps. development etc.

Promotion Campaign System

WeChat Strategy provides the customers with comprehensive full services WeChat marketing. Raise brand awareness with the least advertising cost and craft a more influential brand image in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Wechat Marketing
  • Developing Mini Programs
  • WeChat Mall
  • WeChat Games/ HTML 5 Games
  • Member Management Systems
  • Customer Management Systems
  • LBS Systems
  • Reservation Systems, etc.