Custom Software Development

Custom software development is the process of designing, building, integrating, scaling, and upgrading software solutions to address the pressing needs or achieve objectives of your specific business. Our software confidently works across all popular browsers, OSes and mobile platforms, scales to millions of users and delivers immaculate UX through a clear, logical layout and smooth workflows.

Mobile Application Development

RUT offers mobile application solutions tailored to iOS and Android operating systems, running on reliable and secure server platform or cloud-based IT environment.

We help companies identify the steps they should take to enhance their mobility strategy, and plan for the physical and financial resources required. The process involves topics ranging from app design, implementation roadmap and mobile content management to app integration, security, and the user experience/interface. In addition, our technical know-how covers both mobile and server application programming. We also provide consultancy on mobility roadmaps, as well as application maintenance and support.

Web Application Development

Web development services imply designing, building, integrating, scaling, and maintaining dynamic software solutions that work via intranet or internet. RUT delivers available, functional, and visually engaging web products and both platform-based and custom web solutions for enterprises.

More than 100+ web applications delivered to customers, power businesses across various industries: banking, education, gaming, healthcare, public sector, and retail.

Cloud Application Development

With cloud application development services, businesses can build applications that are technically and architecturally adapted to being smoothly hosted and maintained by the cloud infrastructure and take advantage of the capabilities and services offered by PaaS (platform-as-a-service) and IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) providers.

With 20+ years of IT experience and expert cloud architects on board, RUT helps enterprises and product companies deliver scalable and flexible cloud apps that uncover the full potential of cloud services (AI, Big Data, VR, IoT, and more), ensuring optimal cloud resource consumption.

System and Application Integration

RUT has developed custom applications and delivered comprehensive services on their support, integration, and upgrade. Relying on experience in multiple industries, our team can assist you in defining clear integration goals, make up a robust integration strategy and ensure its orderly implementation.

We can transform your system into a set of loosely coupled, easily scalable and re-usable components, such as web services or microservices that communicate:

On a point-to-point basis that implies direct connection via API calls.

Through middleware components (an enterprise service bus, message broker) that introduce an additional abstraction layer to take the full responsibility for message/request transmitting, transformation, routing.

Data Engineering Services

Organizations are observing a massive increase in the data generated from IoT devices, systems, and users. To stay competitive, it is essential for enterprises to collate this data to have insights for informed decision making and accelerated business growth. With the right approach towards data engineering, organizations can maximize the value of their data assets.

IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data have boosted evolution in the data driven businesses. Our technical team analyzes structured, semi-structured and unstructured data with right technology, processing tools and approach. We provide services for complete data lifecycle management, including data acquisition, storage, modeling and consultation, ETL processing, building pipelines, migration, integration, visualization and analytics.

DevOps Services and Consultation

The digital wave has induced enterprises to converge their development and operations with the rest of the organization. The key concerns raised by organizations are either on stability, timely release or addressing the issues before they impact the end users. In such a scenario, irrespective of the size of a company, RUT strongly recommends embracing DevOps, which is being adopted widely across industries.

The prime goal of DevOps is bridging the gap between development and operations, thus improving efficiency and speed at each stage of the product lifecycle. Being a trusted solution adviser, has expertise in DevOps workflow automation, continuous integration and deployment pipeline, microservices architecture and dockerization.
RUT has helped many companies from diverse industries, to make a plan upon their digital transformation journey by delivering DevOps services and consultation. Our technical team ensure improving deployment frequency, yielding faster time-to-market, reducing failure rate of new releases, shortening lead time between fixes and faster time to recovery.

Software Application Testing and QA

RUT is ready to take up a testing project of any scale and complexity, introduce an efficient quality assurance process, and enhance your software quality management strategy. Our test engineers thoroughly check proper functioning, stability, usability, and security of either a single enterprise application or the whole landscape of interdependent business-critical software.

Application Support and Maintenance

Application support and maintenance services are aimed at ensuring that applications are available, reliable and stay relevant to current business needs. RUT is ready to provide essential and advanced support and maintenance for applications of different purposes and industries.

We define clear KPIs together with our clients and build our support services around these targets. We track the KPIs internally and report the results periodically. Our KPI system may include the following metrics:

Support request volume, support request backlog, support requests resolved.

Application availability: actual uptime relative to the availability agreed, number of service interruptions, overall downtime, or average duration of service interruptions, etc.

First Response Time (FRT), Resolution Rate (RR), Meant Time to Recovery (MTTR), Net Promoter Score (NPS).

User satisfaction score.